A Taste for Wine by Vincent Gasnier

a-taste-for-wineWhy is this book good for improving tasting: lots tasting descriptors for a broad range of wines from around the world. Importantly for blind tasting the differences between wines are frequently discussed. Including the specific elements that influence the taste or style of a wine. For example, the influence of climate, grape variety, barrel aging, and terroir. There are recommend tasting to do that highlight these factors.

Who would want this book: anyone looking to broaden their knowledge and understanding of wine.

Why you would buy: lots of recommend tastings to improve understanding of wine. Great food recommendations. Recommends other wines to try if you find a style you like. Well written easy to understand without lots of jargon. Lots of nice photos.

Why you wouldn’t buy: getting a little bit dated. Some of the recommended producers may have changed hands or gone up or down the quality ladder. Highly engaged consumers or extremely knowledgeable professionals may find the book a touch elementary in places

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