Postmodern Winemaking by Clark Smith

postmodern-winemakingRethinking the Modern Science of an Ancient Craft is the subtitle of this book and, not surprisingly, is a pretty good description of what the book is about. It might seem paradoxical, but Clarke uses technology and science to reduce winemaking interventions and produce wine that better reflects its terroir. 

Not a great deal about tasting wine but I liked his proposed definition on minerality:

“Just as titratable acidity is sensed on the palate as a flow of protons discharging from binding sites on weak acids, minerality may very well be a flow of electrons released from various metallic elements of the periodic table as they move to higher valences.”

Why is this book good for improving tasting: it’s not really. But still a good read!

Who would want this book: advocates of natural who want a balanced view. People interested in wine science and wine technology, for example winemakers, professionals and highly engaged consumers,

Why you would buy: to get a better understanding of the technology and science behind wine making. To read about natural wine from the point of view of a highly technical, scientifically grounded winemaker.

Why you wouldn’t buy: if you’re an advocate of natural wine and don’t want a balanced view. You’re not really technically minded. You rather drink wine than read about this left-field stuff.

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