Land and Wine – The French Terroir by Charles Frankel


There is a lot of geological detail about how the land of various wine regions has formed over the millennia. There’s also a lot about the history of various communes and regions. All interesting stuff but sometimes it seems to take away from the main focus of the book — wine!. Saying that, amongst all the talk of geological periods, rock formations, and the conquests of monarchs there are some nuggets of gold. For example, the different soils, and geography, of the various Beaujolais Crus and the impact this has on the final wine are discussed in detail.


Why is this book good for improving tasting: it’s not going to drastically improve tasting skills. But knowing the stylistic impact soil (and rock) can have on some of France’s classic wines will lead to a deeper understanding of these wines. Surely a good thing for any taster

Who would want this book: wine loving geologists, terroirists, very serious deeply commited wine geeks

Why you wouldn’t buy: if you don’t really care about how rocks and soils were formed and you just want to know how it influences the taste of a wine. If you haven’t yet brought any of Top 5 Books for Improving Blind Tasting


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