The Concise Guide to Wine and Blind Tasting by Neel Burton and James Flewellen

the-concise-guide-to-wine-and-blind-tastingA fantastic book for those who want to get into the real nitty gritty of blind tasting. Gives some great examples of how to approach tasting a wine blind. And, how to draw on evidence from the glass to make conclusions about the wine.

Richard Hemming MW had this to say about it: “The third section – the appendices – are perhaps even more useful as a study aid, especially the dry tasting notes. These are very carefully written descriptions of archetypal examples of various different wines. I well remember looking for such things when I was preparing for my MW tasting exams. Finding good generalisations about the specific taste and structure of wines – as far as that is possible – is surprisingly hard, and the ones in this book are invaluable. Of course, each taster eventually develops their own sense of how to identify and recognise the many and varied aspects of wine, but a resource like this is worth knowing about as a reference point for wine students at all stages”. Click here to read his full review.

Why is this book good for improving tasting: what Richard said! Plus, gives some good examples of how to deconstruct a wine and use this evidence to develop a conclusion about the wine.

Why you would buy: what Richard said!

Who would like this: wine students, wine professionals wanting to brush up, highly engaged consumers

Why you wouldn’t buy: you want a coffee table book with pictures.

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